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"I want you to know your ergo glide has saved me from a costly and painful surgery. I work in a small office with a sliding window between the patients and myself. This means I slide the window open more times a day then I care to imagine. About a year ago, after a visit to my doctor for extreme elbow and shoulder pain, my employers helped me to find this ergo glide. Within 1 month of it's installation I was virtually pain free. We decided to order a second one to install on our second window and I was given the task. Sadly, when it came I had ordered the wrong color and size. When I got in touch with you, feeling like a buffoon for my silly mistake, you were more than helpful offering to send me the right one, free of charge and to pass other one along rather then send it back. This was above and beyond my expectations as was the usefulness of this simple little tool. Thank you so much for providing me with not only a pain free workday, but a lifted spirit as well."

-- Debbie A., Portland, OR., January 23, 2015

ErgoGlides® a Hit!
“Dear Ergo Pros, I purchased ErgoGlides® back in September of 2012, and my staff is VERY happy with them! Many people have asked me where I have got them and I give them your information! I also see that when I go to other practices, there is a need for them! You have a great product! Thanks

-- D. Wadman, Massachusetts, September, 2013

Love your Product...
I had to write you because we LOVE your product. We installed ErgoGlides® on our glass windows about 3 weeks ago and it has been amazing. No strain involved to reach it, and the fact that the glass is fingerprint free looks fantastic. It definitely improves the general look when people come in. I hope the word spreads far and wide for you. I will definitely do our part. Thanks again...

-- Laurel Hunt: Human Resources Specialist, Charlotte White Center, Dover Foxcroft, Me.

I've had the pleasure of working with the Ergo Pros staff for nearly a year now. When I was first introduced to the ErgoGlides®, my first thought was "perfect timing!" At the time, I was working with a number of clinical offices in an effort to reduce injuries caused by extended reaches to patient windows. When I contacted Ergo Pros, their process was so easy! The customer-friendly staff are both knowledgeable and readily available to answer any questions. Here is what a few of my clients say about the Ergoglide:

  • "The ErgoGlides® have made a huge difference with helping me feel more comfortable at work."
  • "My shoulders and back are forever grateful to Ergo Pros for making such an excellent product!"
  • "I don't know how we managed so long in the office without this great solution."

Thank you Ergo Pros for developing an excellent ergo solution that improves employee comfort and truly helps to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. I wholeheartedly recommend your company and its product!

-- Respectfully, Kim Winling, OTR/L (Ergonomic Specialist, MaineHealth)


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